Maximise your cafes’ or restaurants outdoor dining area by installing a unique shade sail or awning structure. Whether your business is located right on the water’s edge or several stories high, one of our engineered and robust shade structures will last decades and is warranted for 10 years!

With the easy application of café style blinds and heaters to your awning/shade structure, will provide your customers with a warmer environment in the winter, keep them cooler in the summer months and dry all year round.

Keeping your customers comfortable, will ensure they stay longer and visit more frequently. Your shade structure is an investment into your business’s growth and prosperity. Not only will you be able to host functions all year round, your café or restaurant will become the reliable and comfortable place to dine no matter what the weather does.

Quality Shade Sails manufactures from an architectural PVC waterproof or PVC mesh fabric and utilises galvanised steel columns and concrete footings to provide a quality product that not only looks amazing, but will last decades.