Quality Shade Sails is the sister company of Shade to Order who has been designing, manufacturing and installing award winning shade structures since 1979. Quality Shade Sails was created as we noticed there was a gap in the market for a company that manufactures quality residential shade structures.


Quality Shade Sails manufactures from an architectural mesh or waterproof PVC fabric, we DO NOT manufacture from woven shade cloth that sags, stretches, rips and bags in no time. Our shade structures are high frequency welded together (fused) using industrial fabric welders, there is absolutely no stitching. Our steel columns are galvanised and painted for ultra-corrosive protection. And that’s why we back our shade structures with a full 10 year warranty!


Once fabric is stitched it allows for and harbours water, moisture and eventually mould. In no time, you will have a shade structure that is dirty and mouldy. By welding the seams, the fabric has not been penetrated and will not harbour moisture and mould.


Our shade structures are installed under significantly more tension than a woven shade cloth structure. The result is a higher quality, robust, safer shade structure that will hold its shape over time and will not blow away in high winds. The bottom line is, for a little more money, you will have a much higher quality structure that will;

  • Be custom made
  • Be aesthetically pleasing
  • Last years
  • Provide a safe & healthy environment for your family or customers
  • Provide that wow factor!